About OSI

OSI has been in the third party business since 1995, when the SEC and the major financial institutions first began looking into the realities of optical disc storage for their broker-dealer records. Therefore OSI was in the forefront helping broker-dealers understand and comply with these new optical disk storage regulations - partly because a good portion of the rules required that the broker-dealer work with a trusted, independent third party. In fact we were one of the very first companies to provide independent third party Optical Disk Storage services for mid-sized to major financial institutions.

As a result, we have developed great expertise in the many technologies and systems that need to be duplicated to comply with SEC rules. We have also delivered our clients duplicate systems at a small fraction of their original cost. Once these systems were implemented, clients began to realize extensive savings on storage costs, not to mention a new ease by which they can retrieve stored information. Our clients include such well-known names as Lehman Brothers; Salomon, Smith Barney; Dean Witter and others.

OSI duplicates the "read-only" records management environment of each client and maintains the system throughout the term of our agreements through software updates, hardware upgrades and periodic testing. While OSI is highly regarded as an expert in various systems, most systems are custom-made for each client and require a certain degree of technical interaction. In most situations, the client through the original developer or current marketer provides any needed proprietary software to OSI.

OSI also maintains a full-time in-house legal staff to ensure that SEC rules and regulations are adhered to in all respects.

OSI is based in lower Manhattan, in the heart of the financial district, close to many of our clients.

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